Monday - Introduction to adaptation genomics

 Lectures: Population genomic approaches


 Practical: Basic handling of genomic data - from raw data to variant calling


 Tuesday - Population structure and other confounding factors

 Lectures: Factors affecting genomic differentiation - population structure, recombination et al.


 Practical: Summary statistics (π, FST, allele frequencies) and methods to investigate population structure


 Wednesday - Detection of putative adaptive loci

 Lectures: Strength and weaknesses of outlier detection and phenotype-environment association methods


 Practical: outlier detection and phenotype-environment association methods


 Thursday - Accounting for structural variation

Lectures: the role of structural variants (e.g., inversions, copy-number variants [CNVs], transposable elements) in adaptation and the implications of the presence of structural variation in a genomic dataset

Practical: direct and indirect detection of SVs and their analysis


 Friday - Follow-up studies, other methods & troubleshooting

 Lectures: the richness of approaches to study adaptation and validate candidate loci


 Practical: functional annotation of candidate loci for adaptation + final discussion