Physalia-courses provides scientific training courses and Workshops in Bioinformatics, Genomics and related fields, promoting the transfer of new methods and emerging techniques to a broad range of researchers.

Our goal is to build a knowledge-sharing platform between highly qualified instructors and participants at various stage of their scientific and academic career (e.g. PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, PIs).

Via the courses and workshop participants can learn how to plan their projects and how to analyze their data.

The success of each course and Workshop is guaranteed by the combination of lectures, discussions and hands-on data analysis sessions, that will allow participants to be enabled to implement autonomously the newly learned knowledge in their own research groups. In addition, in the News section of our website different interviews for each specific topic will be posted for facilitating information sharing between participants and our instructors.


Upcoming courses

Canada, eDNA Metabarcoding

        19-23 November 2018

Berlin, Landscape Genomics

        26-30 November 2018

Berlin, Speciation genomics

        03-07 December 2018

Python Data Visualization

        10-14 December 2018


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