Introduction to Python


25-29 January 2021


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this course will be held online


Course overview

Python is a dynamic, readable and powerful programming language. Python is effective for teaching programming to new users as well as for advanced computer science study, from simple scripts to sophisticated and complex applications. It is general purpose in the broadest sense as it is pervasive to a lot of different fields, such as data science, web development, teaching, internet of things and more.

During this course, students will initially learn what is computer programming using Python as a learning tool, and then deep dive into the peculiarities of Python by exploring advanced topics and external packages.
Lessons consist of lectures followed by practical exercises where students will put into practice what learned during the course by solving problems  and exercises based on users’ suggestions.


Intended audience

This course is aimed at all researchers and technical workers who want to learn programming. The syllabus has been planned with complete beginners in mind; people with previous programming experience are welcome to attend as a refresher but may find the pace a bit slow.



●    Students should provide one or more real case studies they are interested in, problems they would like to solve via Python programming or a program they want to be able to write or goal they would like to achieve by the end of course in order to have as many real-life examples as possible to discuss and to learn from.
●    The course is aimed at complete beginners and assumes no prior programming experience.
●    As programming tools we are going to use Jupyter Notebook and Visual Studio Code.
      ○    The former is a web application provided by the organizers, thus users are required to only have an updated web browser.
      ○    The latter should be installed by users following the Visual Studio Code tutorial that can be found here (


Monday– Classes from 2-8 PM Berlin time


○    Course overviews
○    General introduction to computer programming and Python
○    Tool introduction: Jupyter notebook and Visual Studio Code
○    Data structures and data types




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