Monday - 9:30 - 17:30



-Introductions and course overview


-Environmental DNA research and experimental design


-PRACTICAL:Getting started with UNIX





Tuesday - 9:30 - 17:30



-Single species detection using qPCR


-qPCR primer selection and primer design


PRACTICAL: in silico qPCR primer design and selection





Wednesday  -  9:30 - 17:30



-Introducing eDNA metabarcoding, monitoring biological communities using high throughput sequencing (HTS).


-Metabarcoding primer selection, overview of different primers and targets.


-Overview of the lab work to construct Illumina libraries, concepts in sequencing.


PRACTICAL: Getting started with R, HTS data input and quality control.





Thursday -  9:30 - 17:30



-Bioinformatic pipelines, operational taxonomic units (OTUs) clustering vs denoising


-Taxonomic assignment, sequence databases


PRACTICAL: Sequences to tables, clustering and denoising eDNA data to make biologically meaningful groups.





Friday -  9:30 - 17:30



-Ecological analyses


-Ordination methods for eDNA metabarcoding data


-Linear and generalized linear models introduction


PRACTICAL: Preliminary statistical analysis of qPCR data and OTU tables using ordination and lm/glm in R, Generating plots in R.




Final afternoon session (3:30 onwards) participant project discussion and travel time for those who need to leave.