Beyond Beginner R: Advancing Your Coding Skills


7th- 10th November 2024

To foster international participation, this course will be held online




This course is designed for anyone with basic knowledge of R who is looking to enhance their skills and take their programming abilities to the next level. Each session in the course will be hands-on, providing you with practical examples to work through and apply the concepts you've learned, and lots of support to answer questions and overcome any challenges.


By the end of the course, you'll have the skills and confidence to tackle complex programming problems in R and create high-quality reports, figures, and dashboards.


Day 1 - Foundations of Programming in R (2-8 pm Berlin time)

    Session 1: Foundations of R Programming

  •         Introduction to object classes, types, and essential coding practices.
  •         Understanding control flow using if-else statements.
  •         Writing efficient functions in R.
  •         Introducing coding resources and assistance tools:

                 - Utilizing R help text for syntax and function references

                 - Leveraging ChatGPT for quick coding queries and concept clarification.

                 - Exploring code completion tools like Copilot for streamlined workflow and error correction.

Day 2 - Functional Programming and Tidyverse (2-8 pm Berlin time)

    Session 2: Functional Programming Principles

  •         Exploring functional programming concepts, including for-loops, apply and map functions.
  •         Enhancing code efficiency and effectiveness.

    Session 3: Mastering Tidyverse

  •         Tips and tricks for working with multiple files and improving dataframes.
  •         Writing functions within the Tidyverse framework.

Day 3 - Figures, Tables, and Shiny (2-8 pm Berlin time)

    Session 4: Creating Quality Figures and Tables

  •         Principles of data visualization and graphic design.
  •         Generating informative and aesthetically pleasing figures and tables.

    Session 5: Building Interactive Dashboards with Shiny

  •         Applying functional programming skills to create and customize Shiny Dashboards.

Day 4 - Reports and GitHub (2-8 pm Berlin time)

    Session 6: Generating Professional Reports

  •         Exploring reporting packages in R for customized, professional reports.

    Session 7: Collaborative Coding with GitHub

  •         Basics of version control and collaboration using GitHub.
  •         Managing repositories, branching, merging, and collaborating effectively.



Dr. Philip Leftwich (University of East Anglia, UK)

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