Conservation Genomics


Berlin, 9-13 December 2019




This course is intended for students and researchers interested in applying genomics tools for conservation.  The course will cover a broad range of topics including an introduction to conservation genomics, handling next generation sequencing data for mitogenomics and SNP based analyses (e.g. RADseq), and data analyses such as inferring effective population sizes, estimate connectedness between populations through migration and identify loci involved in adaptation. The course consists of practical hands on sessions preceded by a lecture on the topic, as well as open discussion on course topics. The overall goal of the course is to give access to learners to the methodologies used in conservation genomics, as well as enable the development of an understanding of the value this provide as well as their limitations.


Expected Background:

The course is targeting students and researchers of conservation biology and genetics who are planning to, or have started to use, genomic tools. Preferably, participants would be familiar with basic aspects of working with command line on Linux or Unix systems, but a quick intro to this will be given during the course. Participants should also be generally familiar with next-generation sequencing technologies (recommended reading will be distributed to provide the necessary background). Finally, the course will be more useful for participants that possess at least basic knowledge of population genetics and its applications in conservation biology.




 Monday- 09:30- 17:30


Setting the scene: what is conservation and how can genomics inform it?



Introduction to genomes and their organisation.



Practical: Basic introduction to Linux and data handling.







Dr. Pablo Orozco-terWengel





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