Agent-based modelling using NetLogo


21-25 October 2019



Freie Universität Berlin; Otto-von-Simson-Straße 26, 14195 Berlin


In ecological and socio-ecological systems, many patterns at the population or community level emerge from processes, variability and interactions at the individual scale. Therefore, it is becoming increasing acknowledged that the basic entities in models should be discrete individuals.


Individual-based (or ‘agent-based’) models (IBMs, ABMs) are a popular new technique for understanding how the dynamics of complex systems arise from characteristics and behaviours of its individual components and their environment. Agent-based modelling has broad application to natural and social sciences, and also offers important advantages for real-world management.


This five-day workshop will introduce the principles of agent-based modelling using NetLogo*, a development environment and a domain specific computer language for agent-based modelling. Participants will learn how to design, implement, and evaluate agent-based models that are relevant to their own fields of research and teaching.



Instruction format:

Instruction will be led by Professors Steve Railsback and Volker Grimm, leading experts, educators and authors of agent-based modelling theory and practice. This course will be delivered through a mixture of expert-led theory, programing tutorials, open discussions and independent project work.


Instruction on model implementation will use *Netlogo, a widely-used, freely available programmable modelling environment that runs on Java Virtual Machine and is compatible with all major platforms (Windows, Macintosh and Linux; Participants will receive a thorough introduction to NetLogo that should allow them to make themselves into productive users.


Preparation requirements:


All participants must bring their own personal laptop (Windows, Macintosh and Linux).


A recent version (6.0.4 or later) of the free software NetLogo must be installed ( Participants are strongly encouraged to complete the tutorials that are packaged with NetLogo in advance. (From NetLogo’s Help menu, select “User Manual”.)