Metabolomics: from study design to data analysis


25-29 November 2019


Free University ofFreie Universität Berlin - Otto von Simson-Strasse 26, 14195 Berlin


The aim of the course is to cover some of the fundamental aspects of metabolomics from the “data analyst” point of view. The aim is to cover all the key aspects which have to be considered to set-up a successful metabolomics investigation, from the practical issues related to study/analytical design to data pre-processing and statistical analysis. The course will be delivered relying on a mixture of lectures, computer-based practical sections, and group discussions.



Familiarity with R will be assumed. A full day of the course will be however devoted to a fast introduction to data carpentry and visualization in R. A basic experience in metabolomics will be welcomed.



The objective of the course is to make the participants familiar with metabolomics and, in particular, to data analysis of metabolomics data (targeted and untargeted). The course will also constitute an excellent primer to the application of univariate and multivariate statistics to complex datasets of chemical origin.



Monday: 9:30 - 17:30




Metabolomics: what, why, how




-          What is metabolomics (targeted and untargeted)




-          Study design considerations




-          Analytical chemistry in metabolomics




-          Integrating Data Analysis and Data Collection




-          Data sharing and reproducibility




-          Group activity: design your study





Dr. Pietro Franceschi



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