Introduction to Nextflow


7-9 October 2024

To foster international participation, this course will be held online




Nextflow is a widely adopted workflow system for running high-throughput, data-intensive applications across cloud and on-premise infrastructure.
It has fast become one of the primary technology platforms for computational workloads in life sciences.
The framework allows scientists to write code in any scripting language, define software dependencies with containers, connect tasks with the event-driven dataflow programming DSL and then deploy anywhere: local machines, grid computing systems or public cloud infrastructure.

Target audience and assumed background


The workshop is intended for users to become quickly proficient in Nextflow technology, starting from basic through to advanced concepts.  The majority of the practicals will make use of command-line tools. Therefore familiarity with a *nix environment (e.g. Linux or MacOS) and the shell (e.g. Bash) are highly desirable.


Monday- Classes from 2-8 pm CET


Introduction to Nextflow
Basic Scripting in Nextflow


Tuesday- Classes from 2-8 pm CET




RNA-Seq pipeline


Pipeline Parameter


Wednesday - Classes from 2-8 pm CET

Sharing Pipelines
RNA-Seq pipeline 2



A repository will be provided with all the necessary material and software as well as an AWS cloud environment to carry out the activities in the relevant practical sessions.




Dr. Nicolas Delhomme






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