Mapping and spatial analysis (GIS) with R


20 – 24 April 2020


This course will be held online in response to the coronavirus outbreak



Geographic Information Systems (GIS) encompass data, methods and software to collect, represent and analyse spatial data in a myriad of ways. GIS operations can also be carried out in R, thus allowing seamless integration with other R scripts for data visualization and analysis. This course will include both basic theoretical lessons and practical hands-on sessions on the use of R as a GIS, for automated and reproducible mapping and analysis of spatial environmental data.


Target audience and assumed background


The course is aimed at researchers and practitioners at any career stage with an interest in the mapping and spatial analysis of biodiversity and/or other environmental data, and who would like to have their procedures scripted in a reproducible and automatable way. Participants should be accustomed to working with computers. Previous basic experience with R is desirable, but not mandatory if you’re a fast learner. All R scripts will be provided and explained in detail.


Learning outcomes


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
‒    Know the basics of GIS, mapping and cartographic projections
‒    Gather spatial data, import them into R and produce maps using scripts
‒    Perform several types of spatial analyses in R
‒    Plot and export maps with the results of these analyses



Monday – Classes from 09:30 to 17:30

‒    Introduction to cartography and GIS
‒    Spatial data types: vector, raster and beyond
‒    Obtaining spatial data: online data sources
‒    Introduction to GIS with R: available packages
‒    Importing and plotting spatial data in R
‒    Mapping land cover, climate, human pressure, biodiversity
‒    Colour palettes for maps



Dr. A. Márcia Barbosa





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