Day 1. 27th April

Introduction: sketch your science.
The ‘I can’t draw’ issue: sketching techniques.
Visuals as a powerful tool for communicating science.
Getting over the blank page. Your project: Planning, concept.


Day 2. 28th April

Let’s get digital: Software, Tools, Vectors, Pixels, Fonts and Colours.
Introduction to Inkscape:
- Shapes, Stroke and Fill, Bezier Curves, Boolean Operations and more.
- Hands-on: Drawing science using basic elements.
- Your project: Create your personal library.


Day 3. 29th April

We need to talk… graphical abstracts, posters and presentations.
Inkscape II:
- Interpolation, Swatches and tricks.
- Your project: Develop to final art.


Day 4. 30th April

Your project: discussion and learning from feedback.
Create an animation.
Exporting files. Sharing is caring.