Monday. 9.30 - 17.30


     Logging on to Your Personal Cloud Image

     Introduction to Linux – an environment for Bioinformatics

     Docker and Singularity for reproducible bioinformatics



Tuesday. 9.30 -17.30


     NGS data and Quality Control - How well did my sequencing run work?

     Genome Assembly and annotation

     Biological databases - Where does our reference data come from?



Wednesday. 9.30- 17.30


     Genome visualisation and assembly quality assessment

     Working with long read data - Nanopore Correction and hybrid assemblies


Thursday. 9.30 -17.30


     RNAseq and Transcriptomics

     Reference versus de novo RNAseq

     Differential Gene Analysis



Friday. 9.30 -17.30

    Phylogenetics and Phylogenomics - - from genomes/transcriptomes to species trees