Genomic Data Visualisation with R


18-20 November 2024

To foster international participation, this course will be held online


Course overview

This course aims to familiarize participants with the most essential graphs in the field of genomics, primarily using the R programming language. We will start with graphs related to expression studies, such as volcano plots, peak profiling, and Gene Ontology. Then, we'll move on to genomic studies and explore genome statistics plots, including genome coverage, metagenomics bar plots, and time series of allele frequencies over time. On the last day, we'll focus on plots related to comparative genomics studies, such as phylogenetic trees, Venn diagrams, ideograms, and synteny plots.

Target audience and assumed background

Participants are expected to have familiarity with the R language, and a short introduction to R will be provided beforehand.

Session content

Monday– Classes from 2-8 PM Berlin time

- Volcano plots

- Dimension redunction plots (PCA, t-SNE, ..)

- Peak visualisation

-Pathway and annotation plots

-Heatmaps, Waffle plots, Waterfall plots

– Classes from 2-8 PM Berlin time

- Stacked bar plots

- Time series plots

- Multiple alignments visualisation

- Manhattan plots

-Genome stats plots (genome coverage, gene graphs, ..)

– Classes from 2-8 PM Berlin time


-Phylogenetic trees

-Circus plots

- Venn diagrams and UpSet plots

- Synteny plots

- Ideograms

- Pangenome graphs




Dr Loukas Theodosiou







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