Data visualization in R with ggplot2


ONLINE, 13-15 November 2023

To foster international participation, this course will be held online



The proficiency to visualise intricate datasets is a fundamental skill, pivotal not only in fostering a deep understanding of complex phenomena but also in effectively communicating within (and beyond) the scientific community. A meticulously crafted plot can convey more information than an extensive body of text...

The primary objective of this intensive three-day course is to elucidate the efficient utilisation of R, tidyverse, and ggplot for the construction of sophisticated and enlightening scientific plots. Commencing with a foundational understanding of R, participants will emerge from the course equipped with the ability to proficiently load, manipulate, and visualise their own tabular data, while possessing the finesse to refine the aesthetic appearance of their plots. Practical sessions will be thoughtfully employed to facilitate discussions surrounding the strategic choices that optimise the informativeness and captivation of plots.



  •     Basic knowledge of R programming language
  •     Familiarity with tabular data structures
  •     Understanding of basic statistical concepts


Learning Outputs

  •  Ability to load, manipulate, and visualize tabular data using R and ggplot
  • Understanding the principles of the grammar of graphics and its implementation in ggplot    Proficiency in creating various types of plots such as points, lines, bars, and boxes
  • Skill to customize plot aesthetics including colors, scales, and themes
  • Knowledge of advanced techniques for combining multiple data tables and plots in a single figure
  • Competence in exporting and saving plots for use in presentations, reports, or publications


Session content

 Day 1.  2-8 pm Berlin time:

    Introduction to R, ggplot, and the tidyverse
    Overview of the grammar of graphics and its application in ggplot
    Data carpentry: Introduction to manipulating and cleaning tabular data

 Day 2.  2-8 pm Berlin time:

    Creating basic plots: Points, lines, bars, and boxes
    Fine-tuning plot aesthetics: Colors, scales, and themes
    Enhancing plots with annotations and labels

 Day 3.  2-8 pm Berlin time:

    Advanced plot techniques: Combining multiple data tables in the same plot
    Creating multi-panel plots and faceting
    Exporting and saving plots in various formats



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