Analysis of Animal Movement Data in R


22-26 January 2024


To foster international participation, this course will be held online



Course overview

This course will provide a guide to analyse telemetry data from animals, from explorative data, through simulating space use from fitted integrated step selection functions.

Course Format

There will be several opportunities to introduce, discuss and use your own data. The course will consist of brief lectures to introduce a topic, guided coding sessions and independent exercises with the opportunity to discuss questions with the instructors.


We assume some basic awareness of statistical analysis (linear modelling, etc), as well as some experience with code for data analysis with program R.


Daily schedule:
2 - 6  pm (Berlin time):
live lectures,  R walkthrough and introduction to / review of the practicals

4 additional hours: self-guided practicals using annotated scripts, with live remote support, via Slack, from 9 am to 10 pm (Berlin time) to cover the participants' time zones



Monday– Classes from 2-6 PM Berlin time

- Exploratory data analysis for movement data

- Data cleaning for telemetry data

Tuesday– Classes from 2-6 PM Berlin time

- Quantifying space use of animals with home ranges

- Working with multiple animals/instances

Wednesday– Classes from 2-6 PM Berlin time

- Introduction to habitat selection (RSF)

- Integrated step selection functions (iSSF)

Thursday– Classes from 2-6 PM Berlin time

- Simulations from fitted iSSF

- Integrated step selection functions 2

Friday– Classes from 2-6 PM Berlin time


- Strategies to model multiple animals

- Validation of models for habitat selection





Cost overview

Package 1


480 €


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Cancellation Policy:


> 30  days before the start date = 30% cancellation fee

< 30 days before the start date= No Refund.


Physalia-courses cannot be held responsible for any travel fees, accommodation or other expenses incurred to you as a result of the cancellation.