Introduction to R Shiny


10-11 January 2023

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this course will be held online


 Strictly speaking, Shiny is an R package nevertheless it’s more than that, it’s a framework that allows R users to develop advanced reactive web applications with a strict minimum of web development knowledge. Why is it a framework? because you’ll find hundreds of packages extending Shiny to perform complex processes and this number is growing daily. To fully leverage Shiny capabilities, one needs to understand its core concepts. We’ll dig in detail into these concepts so that at the end of the workshop you’ll feel comfortable developing web applications directly from R.




This workshop is targeting a broad audience: Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Researchers, Biologists, Economists, among others. They all share something in common, the value-added that will be generated throughout the implementation of a web application.




- A basic proficiency in R is required


- Some knowledge of dplyr and ggplot2 would be beneficial as we’ll use them to build our applications


- Finally, we’ll work within the RStudio IDE (Integrated Development Environment), as such a basic familiarity is preferable.


- No knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript is required.




The following tools need to be installed beforehand:


- R: Available at Note that it’s ok if you don’t have the latest version.


-         RStudio: We highly encourage you to install the RStudio 1.4 version which is only available in preview at the time of writing. See here:


-         Shiny: install the latest stable release at install.packages(“shiny”)


-         Tidyverse: same here with install.packages(“tidyverse”)


- A modern web browser: Preferably Google Chrome. 



 After completing the workshop, you’ll be able to:

-         Understand the structure of a Shiny application

-         Read the code used to create a Shiny app and understand its semantic

-         Have a solid knowledge of Shiny reactivity concepts

-         Create a Shiny app and deploy it to



Day 1 (2-8 pm Berlin time)


-         Structure of a Shiny application


-         Using HTML with the htmltools package


-         Shiny Input Widgets


-         Shiny Outputs implementation


-         Shiny apps layout


-         Reactivity - Basics




Day 2 (2-8 pm Berlin time)


-         Reactivity – Advanced


-         Shiny apps theming and customization


-         Deploying a Shiny app to







Dr Mohamed EL Fodil Ihaddaden got his PhD in Economics and  he is also an RStudio Certified Instructor in Shiny and Tidyverse. He’s the author of several R packages which relate to Shiny (farrell, scrollrevealR, pivta, fabricerin, among others) and works as a freelancer in Shiny development and consulting. For more info feel free to visit:




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