18-21 July 2022

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this course will be held online


 The Tidyverse is a set of packages that revolutionized data analytics in R. It offers an intuitive and powerful ecosystem that makes it easy to extract useful information from complex data frames. What is really awesome, is that the set of packages contained in the Tidyverse share the same philosophy, as such, the knowledge and proficiency that are acquired using a specific package can be extrapolated to the others.


This workshop targets researchers, data analysts, data engineers, and any professional aiming to synthetize pertinent information from raw and messy data inputs.



  • A basic proficiency in R is required;
  •  During the workshop, we’ll work with the RStudio IDE (Integrated Development Environment), as such a basic familiarity is preferable;
  •  No prior knowledge of the Tidyverse is required.


 R: Available at Note that it’s ok if you don’t have the latest version.
- RStudio: We highly encourage you to install the RStudio 1.4. See here:

- The following packages are required and can be installed as follows:
* install.packages(‘tidyverse’)   
* install.packages(‘readxl’)
* install.packages(‘rvest’)
* install.packages(‘vroom’)
* install.packages(‘lubridate’)

Note that the Tidyverse contains the following core packages: ggplot2, dplyr, tidyr, readr, purr, tibble, stringr and forcats.



After completing the workshop, you’ll be able to:

-    Import into R data frames from various sources (CSV files, Excel, the web).

-    Clean, wrangle and reshape complex data frames.

-    Create appealing data visualizations.





Day 1 (2-7 pm Berlin time)

-    Data loading with {readr}, {readxl}.
-    Very fast data loading with {vroom}.
-    Introduction to web scraping with {rvest}.


Day 2 (2-7 pm Berlin time)

-    Using the {magrittr} pipe operator.
-    Data cleaning and wrangling with {dplyr}.
-    Data reshaping with {tidyr}.


Day 3 (2-7 pm Berlin time)

-    Data visualization with {ggplot2}.



Day 4 (2-7 pm Berlin time)

-    Introduction to Functional Programming with {purrr}.
-    String manipulation with {stringr}.
-    Handling date data with {lubridate}.





Dr Mohamed EL Fodil Ihaddaden got his PhD in Economics and  he is also an RStudio Certified Instructor in Shiny and Tidyverse. He’s the author of several R packages which relate to Shiny (farrell, scrollrevealR, pivta, fabricerin, among others) and works as a freelancer in Shiny development and consulting. For more info feel free to visit:




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