Dr. Stèphane Joost

Lab of Geographic Information Systems (LASIG), EPFL, Lausanne





Professional Preparation


Research and Teaching Associate, Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems (LASIG), EPFL. 2009-present


 Scientist, spatial analysis and geo-visualization, LASIG, EPFL. 2008


 Lecturer, spatial analysis, Faculty of Geosciences, University of Lausanne. 2007


 Postdoc, Institute of Zootechnics, University of Piacenza (UCSC), Italy. 2006  


 PhD Student, LASIG, EPFL, Switzerland. 2002  


Research and teaching assistant, thematic mapping and GIS, Department of Geography, University of Geneva (Profs Antoine Bailly and Charles Hussy). 2000  


Research and teaching assistant, transportation geography, Institute of Geography (IGUL), University of Lausanne (Prof Laurent Bridel). 1998  


 Computer center (CI), University of Lausanne (Resp. Jacques Guélat). 1997  


 Research and teaching assistant, Computer science and mathematics methods (IMM), University of Lausanne (Prof Eric Keller). 1995




Selected Publications

Duruz, S., Flury, C., Matasci, G., Widmer., I., Joerin, F., Joost., S. (accepted) A WebGIS platform for the monitoring 1 of Farm Animal Genetic Resources (GENMON), Plos One.

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Unternährer, J., Moret, S., Joost, S., and Maréchal, F. (2017). Spatial clustering for district heating integration in urban energy systems: Application to geothermal energy. Applied Energy 190, 749–763. doi:10.1016/j.apenergy.


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Balkenhol, N., Dudaniec, R., Krutovsky, V., Johnson, J.S., Cairns, D.M., Segelbacher, G., Selkoe, K., von der Heyden, S., Selmoni, O., Joost S (in press) Landscape genomics: Analyzing the effects of environmental heterogeneity on population genomics, In Population Genomics Concepts, Strategies and Approaches (Ed Rajora O)


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