Dr. Tallulah Andrews

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (UK)






Professional Preparation


Post-doctoral Fellow, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. 2015-Present

PhD student at University of Oxford. 2011-2015

Summer Research Project, Department of Statistics, Oxford University. 2011


McMaster University, Honours Computational Biology Minor in Environmental Science. 2007-2011


Teaching Assistant, Life Science 2A03 Research Methodologies, McMaster University. 2010


Summer Research Project, Department of Biology, McMaster University. 2010


Summer Research Project, Department of Biology, McMaster University. 2009


Molecular Biology Discovery Program, Department of Biology, McMaster University. 2008




Selected Publications


Andrews, T. and Hemberg, M. (in review) Modelling dropouts improves feature selection in scRNASeq experiments. Nature Communications

Isabelle Bergiers, Andrews T. *, Ozge V.*, et al. (submitted) Single cell transcriptomics reveals an unexpected dynamical interplay of transcription factors during blood stem and progenitor cell formation. Cell Stem Cell

Kale, J.*, Kutuk, O.*, Brito, GC, Andrews, T. , Letai, T., Andrews, D. (submitted) Phosphorylation by Akt converts Bax into an anti-apoptotic protein promoting drug resistance. Cancer Cell .

Kiselev, V., Kirschner, K., Schaub, M., Andrews T. , Chandra, T. Natarajan, KN., Reik, W., Barahona, M., Green, AR. Hemberg, M. SC3 - consensus clustering of single-cell RNA-Seq data. Nature Methods

Andrews, T. et al. (2015) Clustering of functionally-related genes impacts significantly on CNV-mediated disease. Genome Research . 25: 802-813


Andrews, T. *, Meader S.* et al. (2015) Gene Networks Underlying Convergent and Pleiotropic Phenotypes in a Large and Systematically-Phenotyped Cohort with Heterogeneous Developmental Disorders. PloS Genetics.


Taylor, A. Steinberg, J. Andrews T. , Webber C. (2014) GeneNet Toolbox for MATLAB: a flexible platform for the analysis of gene connectivity in biological networks. Bioinformatics .


Andrews, T . and Webber C. (2012) Characterizing epistatic hotspots of human disease. BMC proceedings .