Dr. Michael Matschiner

University of Zurich (Switzerland)







Professional Preparation


Postdoctoral fellow at the Zoological Institute, University of Basel, Switzerland. 2017-Present


Researcher at the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, University of Oslo, Norway. 2013-2017


Postdoctoral fellow, Allan Wilson Centre, New Zealand. 2012-2013


Ph.D. University of Basel, Switzerland. 2008-2011


Diploma studies of Biological Sciences, University of Konstanz, Germany. 2002-2008




Selected Publications

Stange M, Sánchez-Villagra MR, Salzburger W, Matschiner M (2017) Bayesian divergence-time estimation with genome-wide SNP data of sea catfishes (Ariidae) supports Miocene closure of the Panamanian Isthmus. BioRxiv, Preprint, doi:10.1101/102129.

Runemark A, Trier C, Eroukhmanoff F, Hermansen J, Matschiner M, Ravinet M, Elgvin T, Sætre G-P (2017): Variation and constraint in hybrid genome formation. BioRxiv, Preprint, doi:10.1101/107508.

Toljagić O, Voje KL, Matschiner M, Liow LH, Hansen T (2017) Millions of years behind: slow adaptation of ruminants to grasslands. Systematic Biology.


Barth JMI, Damerau M, Matschiner M, Jentoft S, Hanel R (2017) Genomic differentiation and demographic histories of Atlantic and Indo-Pacific yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) populations. Genome Biology and Evolution.


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Malmstrøm M, Matschiner M, Tørresen OK, Jakobsen KS, Jentoft S (2017) Sequencing data and de novo draft assemblies for 66 teleost species. Scientific Data.


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