Dr. Maria Nattestad

Founder, OMGenomics

MariaNattestad.com, OMGenomics.com




Professional Preparation



Scientific Visualization Lead August 2017 - Present


Founder and CEO of OMGenomics March 2017 - Present


PhD, Bioinformatics Aug 2013 – Feb 2017

Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences Aug 2009 - May 2013


Selected Publications

Maria Nattestad, Michael C. Schatz. Assemblytics: a web analytics tool for detection of variants from an assembly. Bioinformatics.

Maria Nattestad, Marley Alford, Michael C. Schatz. SplitThreader: gene fusions and historical reconstruction using graphical analysis of the connectivity of highly rearranged cancer genomes. BioRxiv.


Maria Nattestad, Chen-Shan Chin, Michael C. Schatz. Ribbon: Visualizing complex genome alignments and structural variation. BioRxiv.


Staley CA, Huang A, Nattestad M, Oshiro K, Ray L, Mulye T, Li Z, Le T, Stephens JJ, Gomez SR, Moy A, Nguyen JC, Franz AH, Lin-Cereghino J, and Lin-Cereghino GP. 2012.


Lin-Cereghino J, Lin-Cereghino GP, Stark CM, Kim D, Chang J, Shaheen N, Poerwanto H, Agari K, Moua P, Low L, Tran N, Huang AD, Nattestad M, Oshiro KT, Chang JW, Chavan A, Tsai JW. 2013. The Effect of α-Mating Factor Secretion Signal Mutations on Recombinant Protein Expression in Pichia pastoris. Gene.