Dr. Lewis G. Spurgin


University of East Anglia, UK






Professional Preparation


Fellow in Population Genomics, University of East Anglia, UK. 2016-present


Fellow in Ecological Genomics, University of Oxford, UK. 2015-2016


Fellow in Conservation Genomics, University of Groningen, Netherlands. 2012-2014


PhD student, University of East Anglia, UK. 2008-2012


BSc Ecology, University of East Anglia, UK. 2005-2008





Selected Publications


Lumley, A.J., Michalczyk, L., Kitson, J.J.N., Spurgin, L.G., Morrison, C.A., Godwin, J.L., Dickinson, M.E., Martin, O.Y., Emerson, B.C., Chapman T.C. & Gage, M.J.G. (2015) Sexual selection protects against extinction. Nature 522, 470-473


Spurgin, L.G., Wright, D.J., van der Velde, M., Collar, N.J., Komdeur, J., Burke, T.A. & Richardson, D.S. (2014) Museum DNA reveals the demographic history of the endangered Seychelles warbler. Evolutionary Applications 7, 1134-1143


Spurgin, L.G., Illera, J.C., Dawson, D.A., Jorgensen, T.H. & Richardson, D.S. (2014) Genetic and phenotypic divergence in an island pipit: isolation by distance, by colonisation or by adaptation? Molecular Ecology 23, 1028-1039


Spurgin, L.G., van Oosterhout, C., Illera, J.C., Bridgett, S., Gharbi, K., Emerson, B.C. & Richardson, D.S. (2011) Gene conversion rapidly generates MHC diversity in recently founded bird populations. Molecular Ecology, 20, 5213-5225


Spurgin, L.G. & Richardson, D.S. (2010) How pathogens drive genetic diversity: MHC, mechanisms and misunderstandings. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Biological Sciences 277, 979-988