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Trinity RNA-seq


I loved attending this course and I would definitely recommend it to other people. I had very limited experience with programming and had never analzed RNAseq data before, but Brian did a fantastic job introducing us to the Unix enviroment and Trinity framework over such a short period of time. I would have never thought bioinformatics workflows could be so straighforward, and this is really encouraging for RNAseq newbies such as me! I loved that the course was so interactive and that we could work on our own data through the whole week. Kudos to the organizers for coming up with a really interesting programme outside the course as well, I loved discovering Berlin and its food scene through your lens!


- Lisandrina Mari // PhD student at INRA/Université Savoie Mont Blanc (France)


      Data analysis in high throughput biology


      I greatly enjoyed this course. The engaging instructor, January Weiner, presented an excellent mixture of background theory, example analyses and code, and time for guided independent work. The core content was punctuated with personal anecdotes that reinforced key messages regarding experimental design and analyses. This course formed an informative and enjoyable component of my sabbatical. Thank you!


      -Sarah Adamowicz // University of Guelph (Canada)


Population Genomics Workshop

The instructors did an EXCELLENT job preparing the course material. I hope they will teach it again next year! It was just what I was hoping for based on the course description. I also appreciated when you sent out an email asking what specifically we wanted to learn before the course, and the response I got from the instructors. Overall, I really got a lot from the course and will recommend it to other scientists!

      - Briana  L. Gross // Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Minnesota Duluth (USA)



Population Genomics Workshop


I thought the course was great. Well-organized by both the lecturers and organizers. The lecturers were helpful, patient, kind, approachable and effective in their teaching style. The organizers did a great job of picking a diversity of restaurants for dinner, plentiful coffee breaks, making sure everyone was taken care of, providing some outside activities and being very attentive and friendly. I will certainly recommend this course and Physalia to others.

- Hanna Koch // Postdoc at the Max Plank Institute for Evolutionary Biology (Germany)




RAD-seq data analysis


Very beneficial, just the right amount of material covered. It was particularly good to start with a section on unix commands as those proved to be useful later. I feel very confident now that I have enough insight to tackle my own data sets. The instructors formed an excellent team and complemented each other well. I liked that the instructions were not a detailed 'step-by-step' manual, but required course participants to look things up on the internet. Also the instructors not giving away all the answers, but merely indicating where to find the information, definitely helped to prepare us for independent work.


- Peter Teske // Prof. at the Univeristy of Johannesburg (South Africa)



Landscape Genomics


I am pleased to have attended this course and I appreciate that we have been able to work through concrete examples for each exercise. Because we have to proceed relatively rapidly, this also means we have specific examples and results to consult later on, when trying our own data. There have been good opportunities to ask questions of the instructors and get personal help and feedback, which has been very helpful.


- Astrid Vik Stronen // Researcher at the Aalborg University (Denmark)




Analysis of single cell RNA-seq data


The course was well-designed and the content of the course was well-delivered. The instructors were competent and the course organizers were responsive and very helpful in dealing with many details. Overall, it was a great course.


- Youngwook Kim // Adjunct Professor at Sungkyunkwan University (South Korea)





Assembly and Annotation of genomes


Very solid foundation of the subject with nice hands-on projects. Thanks Carlo, Thomas and the instructors!


- Eric Normandeau// Bioinformatician at Laval University (Canada)




Speciation Genomics

The instructors were superb! They are both extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date, flexible in their instructional approach, friendly, helpful, and very hard working. Further, they make an excellent team. One is very slightly better at the "how's" and the other very slightly better at the "why's" and they did a super job at consulting each other for the betterment of the course. The on-line tutorial is an excellent resource that I will continue to use.


- Anne Yoder//  Professor Duke University (USA)





single cell RNA-seq

I attended the single-cell RNA-seq course last year and started single-cell analysis since then and our paper was published in Nature Communications this week. I really appreciate you.


- Masahito Yoshihara//  Postdoc Karolinska Institutet (Sweden)