18-22 September 2017


Course overview

This course will demonstrate the extensive capabilities of the R environment, and seek to develop/broaden the competency of participants in the use of R statistical applications.  The course will have two components presented in morning and afternoon sessions over five days.  Component one (Monday Sept. 18, Tuesday Sept. 19)  will emphasize R programming characteristics including data management, use of existing package functions, graphics, customized function writing, calling routines from compiled languages, and documentation.  The second component (Wednesday Sept. 20 – Friday Sept. 22) will address implementation of statistical analyses with R, particularly linear models.  The materials will be presented using biological examples, making frequent use of the library asbio (Applied Statistics and Statistical Pedagogy for Biologists).

Intended audience


This course is aimed at scientists, particularly biologists.  While no previous experience with R is required, participants should have at least a basic familiarity with statistical terms and concepts.





Monday 18th-Classes from 9:30 to 17:30


Session 1- R basics


In this session we will briefly consider the history of R, including trends in usage and package development, the relationship of R to other languages and platforms, and the reliability of R base and user-contributed packages.  We will then learn and conduct basic command line operations, including defining R programming options, saving work, mathematical functions, simple descriptive statistics functions, utilization of expressions and assignments, R-objects and classes, auxiliary R-packages, accessing and exploring internal R datasets, and getting help.


Dr. Ken Aho






Cost overview


Course material and refreshments


          430 € (VAT included)

Cancellation Policy:


> 30  days before the start date = 30% cancellation fee

< 30 days before the start date= No Refund.


Physalia-courses cannot be held responsible for any travel fees, accommodation or other expenses incurred to you as a result of the cancellation.