Analysis of RNA sequencing data with R/Bioconductor


15-19 June 2020






This course will provide biologists and bioinformaticians with practical  statistical analysis skills to perform rigorous analysis of RNAseq data with R and Bioconductor. The course assumes basic familiarity with genomics, but does not assume prior statistical training.  It covers the statistical concepts necessary to design experiments and analyze high-throughput data generated by next-generation sequencing, including: exploratory data analysis, principal components analysis, clustering, differential expression, and gene set analysis.




Come to the first class with the following installed:



             R and Bioconductor:


             R Studio:



             Modern Statistics for Modern Biology (by Holmes and Huber)


             The Bioconductor 2018 Workshop collection




Monday – Classes from 2 to 8 pm (Berlin time)

Session 1 – Introduction


Lecture 1: Data distributions

- random variables
- distributions
- population and samples

Hands-On 1: Introduction to R

Lecture 2: Creating high-quality graphics in R

- Visualizing data in 1D, 2D & more than two dimensions
- Heatmaps
- Data transformations

Hands-On 2: Graphics with base R and ggplot2





Dr. Ludwig Geistlinger




Dr. Marcel Ramos


Cost overview