Genomic Signatures of Selection


28 October -1 November 2019


General Topic: Genome-wide analysis of selection signatures and genotype-phenotype associations




This course will introduce students, researchers and professionals into the field of using genomics data to identify meaningful genomic regions. The course comprises two approaches: one based only on genomic information, which will use populations genetics techniques to detect signatures of selection (both natural and artificial); the other approach will combine genomic and phenotypic data to identify genetic associations for specific phenotypes (i.e. GWAS, genome-wide association studies).



The course is structured in modules over five days. Each day will include an introductory lecture with class discussion of key concepts. The remainder of each day will consist of practical hands-on sessions. These sessions will involve a combination of both mirroring exercises with the instructor to demonstrate a skill as well as applying these skills on your own to complete individual exercises. After and during each exercise, interpretation of results will be discussed as a group.