Design Your Science  -  A crash course for researchers


31 May-3 June 2021
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this course will be held online



Visual language makes research comprehensible, attractive and efficiently communicated. Scientists constantly produce figures, graphical abstracts, icons and posters to present their work and findings. This course is designed to boost your ability to use the power of visuals. You will learn how to sketch your ideas, build a visual library for your chalk-talks, and walkthrough graphic design basic concepts and resources that will be a game-changer for your future workflow. Learn by doing, how to use the free and open-source vector graphics editor Inkscape. Step by step, from its installation to getting your files ready to go. We will start a project from scratch and take it from concept stage to final art, creating your own vectors. We will discuss together how to make your graphical abstract or scientific poster pop. Finally, you will have a lot of fun learning how to make your own animation and share it with the world!



Target audience and assumed background


This course is designed for researchers and students interested in getting skills in visual communication, learning how to create their own vector graphics, and become better storytellers. Graphic design basics, online resources, software practice, and useful tips among others will be delivered over four days comprising both discussions and hands-on sessions.
The participants are NOT expected to have any graphic design or artistic knowledge or skill. No previous knowledge of the software used is required either.



Monday – Classes from 2-8 pm Berlin time

Introduction: sketch your science.
The ‘I can’t draw’ issue: sketching techniques.
Visuals as a powerful tool for communicating science.
Getting over the blank page. Your project: Planning, concept.



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