Network Analysis in R


6-10 December  2021

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this course will be held online


This course will provide a complete guide to carrying out network analysis, from data collection to publishable results. The first two days cover networks as a data structure, talking about how to recognise them, make them from a dataset, convert them into analysable formats, and visualise them. The next three days expand on this foundation by talking about network modelling itself, going through the different options for analytical approaches and linking them with hypothesis testing.

Workshop Format

There will be several opportunities to introduce and use your own data, and therefore to develop plans for carrying out your own analyses. The course will be very interactive and will come with code, with a combination of quick quizzes, supervised sessions, independent hands-on sessions, and brief group discussions.


We assume some basic awareness of statistical analysis (linear modelling, etc), as well as some aptitude with the R coding language.



Monday. 2 -8 pm Berlin time


Introduction to networks and course overview
o    What is a network (and what could be?)
o    Identifying networks
o    Identifying network input data
o    Constructing networks from data
o    Getting networks into analysable structures
o    Hands on session and discussion about own data
o    Summary and questions





Dr. Greg Albery



COst overview

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