Our instructors

Our courses are taught by highly qualified instructors in their fields, with broad international links and experiences. This gives us the opportunity to differentiate our scientific offer, providing you with a broad range of subject areas. You will also enjoy the advantages of small class sizes and the possibility to continuously interact with our research-active staff, who has already demonstrated a high sense of commitment to students’ learning.

Dr. Martin Jones

(Founder, Python for biologists, UK)

Dr. Aedin Culhane

(Harvard University, USA)

Dr. Owen S. Wangensteen

(University of Salford, UK)

Dr. Vasco Elbrecht
(University of  Guelph, Canada , CA)

Dr. Michael Matschiner

(University of Basel, CH)

Dr. Levi Waldron

(CUNY School of Public Health in NYC, USA)

Dr. Julian Catchen

(University of Illinois, USA)

   Dr. Lewis G. Spurgin

(University of East Anglia, UK)

Dr. Martin I. Taylor
(University of East Anglia, UK)

Dr. Malachi Griffith

(Washington University School of Medicine, USA)

Dr. Thomas D. Otto

(University of Glasgow, UK)

Dr. Tallulah Andrews

(Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK)

Dr. Federico Comoglio

(Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, UK)

Dr. Andrés J. Cortés

(University of Gothenburg, SE)

Dr. Robert Aboukhalil

(GenapSys, USA)

VP Nagraj

(University of Virginia, USA)

Dr. Naiara Rodriguez-Ezpeleta

(Azti tecnalia, ES)

Dr. Obi Griffith

(Washington University School of Medicine, USA)

Dr. Josephine Paris

(University of Sussex, UK)

Dr. Nicolas Delhomme

(Umeå Plant Science Center, SE)

Oliver Salmoni


Dr. Iros Barozzi

(Imperial College London, UK)

Dr. Matthew W. Blair

(Tennessee State University, USA)

Dr. Sebastien Le

(Agrocampus Ouest, FR)

Mr. Brian J. Haas

(The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, USA)

Dr. Stéphane Joost


Dr. Alexander Suh

(Uppsala University, SE)

Dr. Vladimir Kiselev

(Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK)

Dr. Christopher Quince

(University of Warwick, UK)

Dr. Carmelo Fruciano

(Queensland University of Technology, AUS)

Dr. Maria Nattestad

(Founder, OMGenomics, USA)


Dr. Aubry Marc

(University of Rennes1, FR)